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Good mail twice a month! And, a real conversation starter.

SUBSCRIBE BY THE 15TH of the MONTH to get the following month's edition.

What you get:
• the postcard riddle - it comes first and is designed to start a conversation.

Next, you'll get . . .
• the big fancy envelope with your name on it . . . ooh, la la! Inside, you'll find:
• the letter - it's all about what inspired the riddle with notes and thoughts about the month ahead
• the quizzical - it's like a crossword jumble, challenging, but not too hard
• the art panel - put it on display, like a really, really big greeting card
• the calendar - something new to think about every day
• exclusive stationery with a stamp and writing tip, so you can mail it forward, and
• a bonus web page with all the stuff that wouldn't fit in the envelope

Starting at $12 / month

Riddle Me Mail is fun with a friend. Get one for yourself and one as a gift, and you'll have lots to talk about!

NOTE: if you're giving Riddle Me Mail as a gift, there is a space for notes during checkout where you can enter instructions and the person's address. If you miss it, no worries. Just send a separate email and we'll be sure it gets to the proper place.